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27th of Jan - 10 notes - REBLOG -
Thoughts about/to random parts of the world according to a 17 year old American girl who is nightblogging
  • UK:Your television shows are the reason for 95% of my tears so screw you. Jk i love you let me join you my bags are packed i can probably swim over. Thanks for all 12 of your lovely actors with their wonderful cheekbones.
  • Ireland:"WE ARE NOT THE FREAKING UK OK?" Also, guiness beer and Liam Neeson
  • Italy:Pasta. Bread. Cheese. Wine. Pope. A lot of spitting while talking and hand gestures.
  • France:Oui. Food to die for. Everyone is thin. Has no inhabitians about the human body. Oh and also hates my country.
  • Germany:Needs to calm down. But also is apparently really nice. I'm getting mixed signals.
  • Central and South America:Thanks to my Spanish 2/3 teacher, I know where all of your countries are better than which of my country's states is which. Also fútbol.
  • Djibouti:My dad handed out goats to you. You're welcome.
  • Australia:God bless your wonderful actors/actresses and thanks for your adorable vicious creatures. And I'm still not over Heath's death either
  • New Zealand:Australia has essentially made you their Canada, I feel ya
  • North Korea:You can't see this anyway
  • South Korea:Dogs aren't as scary as you think.
  • China:Cease your plans of taking over America please and thank you
  • Switzerland:DO SOMETHING
  • Canada:Thanks for letting us film Supernatural and Psych up there. Maple syrup, hockey, moose, eh.
  • Czech Republic & Slovakia:Please get the band back together, your name was awesome
  • Genovia:You're fictional, I realize, but other than the Star Spangled Banner, I only know your national anthem all the way through.
  • Russia:I literally only know Olga's and Natasha's who have come from your country. We'll let you use the name Nancy if you want
  • Sierra Leone:Slow clap for the prettiest country name ever
  • India:My namesake, lets go ride elephants during the color festival together and wear your gorgeous clothes and be BFFs
  • Pluto:I know you're not on Earth but I just wanted you to know that I still believe in you.

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